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Signature pose?

It’s a funny thing what you start to notice after taking almost daily photos of your outfits after many months (or years). I’ve grown more confident in my own body image, probably in large part due to getting used to my own image (!) and becoming more analytical in choosing photos and seeing how certain outfits and shapes look better on my shape.

I’ve periodically done a series on funny blogger poses, but lately, I’ve also started noticing how often I resort to one pose in particular:  one hand on hip + one leg popped out. Let’s take a stroll through my archives from the past few months alone:

Librarian for Life & Style

Librarian for LIfe & Style

Librarian for Life & Style

Librarian for LIfe & Style

Librarian for Life & Style

Librarian for Life & Style

Librarian for LIfe & Style

Librarian for LIfe & Style

Librarian for Life & Style  |  Of classics and comfort

Librarian for Life & Style

Librarian for Life & Style

And hey look, sometimes I can even switch arms! Here’s the same pose, but with my left hand on my hip:

Librarian for LIfe & Style | Autumnal inspiration

Is it enough for this to become my “signature pose”? What do y’all think? Please leave a comment and let me know! :)

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Be your own wind machine

More fun with blogger poses! I recently caught up again with the hilarious “How to Be a Fashion Blogger” series, and the latest shows examples of how to be “Gone with the Wind” fabulous, filled with twirls, twirls, and more twirls.

Once again, I am totally guilty (and happily so) of this blogger pose!

Librarian for Life & Style:  Feeling bright

Librarian for Life & Style:  Power to the purple

Librarian for Life & Style:  Purple + black +silver

Librarian for Life & Style:  Summer neutrals

Librarian for Life & Style:  What I wore for New Year's Eve

Librarian for Life & Style:  Pattern play

Librarian for Life & Style:  Neutral florals

Are you guilty of this blogger pose? Isn’t it fun to twirl a flowy dress or skirt?! Please leave a comment and let me know. :)

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Hold on to your hat

More fun with blogger poses! I recently caught up with the hilarious “How to Be a Fashion Blogger” series from the WTF, Pinterest? site. The twelfth in this fun series (cheekily) instructs one to “Hold on to your hat,” and I am happily guilty of this blogger pose!

Do you have any personal favorite blogger poses? Leave a comment and let me know!

Top 5 blogger poses

I have been remiss in keeping up my funny blogger poses! After discovering a great new (to me) style blogger, Clarabelle —  ♥ she takes her “style with a splash of snark” ♥ — I was delighted in her hiLARious post featuring her take on “The Top 5 Style Blogger Poses.” So I went through recent pics to see how I stack (pose?) up. You can thank me later. ;)

The Standard. This one features an “immaculately dressed blogger [with] one hand firmly planted on her hip with the legs casually bent at the knee for an air of stylish apathy.”

Am I projecting enough ‘stylish apathy’ here? ;)

The Thoughtful Gaze. The facial expression here is the key. I often try to pull this one out, to try and break up my natural instinct to smile insanely whenever a camera is pointed in my direction. Here’s one of my most recent efforts at this classic pose:

Deep thoughts, y’all. “I wonder if it’s too early for a shake at Burgerville… hmmm….”

WTF is on my shoe?! Ah yes, similar to the “cross your legs and contemplate your shoes” pose — one of my personal faves!

Tee hee! My shoes are so cute… why WOULDN’T I be looking at them?!

The Paparazzi. LOL at Clarabelle’s take on this pose: “The key is that he/she should appear acutely unaware of the camera. It has to seem like a random photographer took a photo of said blogger’s impeccably stylish person without her knowledge. No one can know that it was actually her unwilling husband who she dragged away from football to stage the shot.” :D

My husband is my personal paparazzi.

The Joyful Lean. This one is harder, involving “a large smile and the dramatic arching of the back to add visual intrigue,” and I much rather prefer the “Lean and Laugh” (seen here, 3rd pic down), which involves leaning forward rather than backward. Clarabelle also mentions: “For extra drama, you can pair The Joyful Lean with The Thoughtful Gaze, but that is pretty advanced.” I think that’s too advanced for yours truly.

This is where I lean!

Lean, laugh, repeat

When?  September 12, 2012

What for?  Running errands and impromptu shopping on a beautiful late summer day in Portland. I want to get the most out of my summer wardrobe while I still can, including these bright pink wedges that make me go squeeee! every time I put them on. Makes me think back to 3rd grade when I insisted that all my new school clothes be this color. Oh yes, I was a walking, talking, girl-sized bottle of Pepto-Bismal. And I loved it. ;)

Where was I? Oh, yes, bright pink wedges. Sam brought the “little camera” on our shopping trip — a Canon PowerShot that’s more than a few years old — but the first shots we took outside came out weird. So in the middle of the Container Store, I had the idea to pose in front of the back wall o’ hangers. Here’s how it went down:  look left, look right, all clear, click, click, click.

And yay, the How to Be a Fashion Blogger series has a new funny blogger pose, the “Lean and Laugh” (that 3rd shot above is my best attempt this go-around). I have *totally* pulled this one out before, as has the hubby. Busted! ;)

(You can check out more of my blogger pose posts here.)


  • Shorts:  LOFT, Chicago, 2007 trip
  • White sweater:  Kmart, years ago
  • Wedges:  Payless, new, extended b-day gift from my mom
  • Denim jacket:  Kohls, years ago
  • English coin necklace (worn as bracelet):  My mom’s
  • Pearl drop earrings:  Bridesmaid gift years ago