Grey heart

All tone-on-tone grey today! I wore this super-simple outfit this past weekend when my husband and I walked to a local place for brunch. (FYI, we ate at Tasty n Sons, a popular restaurant here in Portland. We were lucky to arrive just before it opened — otherwise, there’s usually a huge line around the block.) Along the way, we stopped for a quickie photo shoot.

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Grey heart

I really like all the shades of grey in this outfit, all the way down to the flats. And once again, I am living in my new grey jeans. With the darker grey coat on, it kind of gives off an ombre effect.

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Grey heart

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Grey heart

Details:  Grey heart sweater:  Old Navy, old {similar in black and pink} {grey sweater with pink heart elbow patches} {similar with sequin grey heart}  //  Grey straight-leg jeans:  Jones New York via Macy’s, new {exact}  //  Grey flats:  DKNY via Macy’s, old {similar}  //  Grey overcoat:  Mango, old {similar} {similar style in a shorter length} //  Knit tam:  Handmade by friend {similar}

Fun outtake alert! Wheeeee! ;)

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Grey heart

It was a bit chilly out, so I thought this knit tam was a good topper. It has shades of bluish grey and purple in it, and a good friend knitted it a couple of years ago for me, as highlighted in this “Hats off to friends!” post. Below is a collage of how the knit hat looks with my hair, both long and short.

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Remixing a knitted tam

Grey is definitely one of my favorite neutrals. Do you have a lot of grey in your own wardrobe? Leave a comment and let me know.

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A few of your favorite things

A few of my favorite things… as well as YOUR favorite things!

Remember back in September, when I mentioned in this “Changes to the style blog” post about my decision to go with affiliate links? In each outfit post, I provide links to items I own — or similar items, as a lot of what I own is old or sold out online — and each time a reader clicks on those links, I get a few cents. It doesn’t raise the cost of the items, and it promotes browsing (rather than buying). So a huge THANK YOU to you, dear readers, as every time you click on an affiliate link, you’re helping support this blog. :D

I took a recent look at my affiliate link stats — I am signed up with the ShopStyle affiliate program — and thought it would be interesting to round up and showcase the top favorites. No surprise that your faves also happen to be my own personal faves, too!

Personal + reader faves

Details:  riding boots (also available in wide calf) //  cardigan  //  knot-front sleeveless top  // snakeskin wedge  // boot-cut jeans  //  library stamp tee  //  topaz drop earrings

  • Dana Buchman Knot-Front Top:  I have this exact top in both cream and bright pink. Being sleeveless, it really layers well under cardigans and jackets, and the knot detail provides some visual interest to an otherwise basic top. There are lots of other colors and patterns still available online!
  • Clarks Women’s Purity Hyline Wedge Pump:  I haven’t worn these snakeskin wedges that many times — seen on the blog here and here — but I know they will be in my closet a long time. The shape is classic, the wedge and internal padding makes this shoe comfortable to walk in, and the snakeskin gives is a little edge. It’s available in other colors and patterns online, as well.
  • Women’s The Flirt Boot-Cut Jeans:  I wear these jeans a lot, as seen here, but I was a little surprised to see them near the top of the list for favorite affiliate links. But never underestimate the power of a boot-cut pair of jeans! (Whatever trends come and go, a boot-cut jean is always a good thing to have in one’s closet.) I have these jeans in the dark “rinse” wash, but this style is available in several other washes, as well.
  • Library Stamp Tee:  Y’all KNOW I love the continued popularity of this t-shirt, right? ;) My husband gifted me this t-shirt on my birthday this year, and I’ve worn it several times, most recently here. Love it. And so do y’all! ♥
  • Topaz Drop Earrings:  Definitely the favorite piece of jewelry I link to on my blog! (Probably because I wear my topaz drop earrings a LOT, most recently here.) These are not the exact pair I have — mine are from Clara Beau Jewelry, available at a local boutique — but this is the most similar pair of earrings I could find available online. They’re VERY similar to my own pair (the only difference is that this pair online has gold edging around the topaz stones).

I also like that these reader affiliate link faves also kind of serve as a testament to the power of remixing! I wear each of these items a lot, remixing for both casual and work outfits, and they’re all budget-minded items, as well. And it makes me feel good that some of my favorite things are some of your favorite things, too!

Are any of your personal faves represented here, as well? Please leave a comment and let me know!

And psssst… did y’all know that I also provide links to my favorite places to shop? Yep, right there on the sidebar to your right.

Happy (budget) browsing!

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Stripes + cognac

Okay, y’all, I still haven’t come to terms that it’s March. March! I’m not ready. It still feels like New Year’s just happened.

And this time of the year, the weather up here in the Pacific Northwest is all over the place. Totally bright and sunny one day and totally rainy and windy the next. It’s hard to plan an outfit and take photos around such topsy-turvy weather. I know, blogger problems. ;)

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Stripes + cognac

So here’s what I chose for one of those yin-yang weather days. I layered one of my favorite knit striped dresses over leggings and cognac riding boots. A brown cardigan and a khaki skinny belt tied into the cognac boots, and mint statement earrings tied into the color scheme of the dress.

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Stripes + cognac

Details:  Striped dress:  Target, old {similar style in orange and blue} {similar in maxidress style} //  Brown cardigan:  Gap, old {similar}  //  Cognac riding boots:  Marc Fisher via Macy’s {almost exact from same brand}  //  Brown leggings:  Spanx {exact}  //  Mint statement earrings:  Old Navy {similar}  //  Gold-and-crystal necklace:  c/o Greg Michaels {exact}  // Khaki skinny belt:  Came with a dress {similar}

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Stripes + cognac

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Stripes + cognac

Can’t get enough of this striped dress? Check out this “A dress for all seasons” post! :)

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SIA: The knitting lesson

My turn again to co-host SIA (Style Imitating Art), and my choice this week is a 1908 painting, “The Knitting Lesson,” by Swiss artist Ernest Biéler (1863-1948).

It’s another male artist, I know, but I couldn’t resist the warmth in this painting and the female-centric focus between the older woman and the young girl. You can read more about the amazingly versatile artist, Ernest Bieler, here and here.

The Knitting Lesson - Ernest Bieler - 1908

The Knitting Lesson – Ernest Bieler – 1908

The colors are both vibrant and soft, and there’s a surprising variety of colors and textures represented in the painting. I thought it would be a good transitional SIA challenge as we begin looking toward spring.  And perhaps this would inspire some experimentations with head scarves or caps? Also, this is for all the knitters out there. ;)

You could go a lot of different ways with this one, so I’m looking forward to a lot of interesting looks from y’all! It’s easy for blogger (and non-bloggers) to participate in SIA. Just send me a photo of your outfit inspired by this SIA pick by next Monday, March 9. My email address is

And for more SIA fun, check out SIA co-founders Jess @ Animated Cardigan and Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey.

Closet adventures (February 2015)

The closet adventures continue… :)

On the hunt for grey jeans

In early February, I took advantage of a Macy’s 20% off coupon and a $10 gift certificate. I was on the hunt for some grey jeans, and success! I looooooove these “secretly slimming” jeans from Jones New York, as they seem made for women with hips. They’re mid-rise — so no muffin top! — with “slimming panels” that make the tummy feel secure.

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Closet adventures (February 2015)

  • Grey straight-leg jeans {exact}:  paid $45.20, Jones New York via Macy’s (original price $69, used 20% off coupon + $10 certificate)
  • Long burgundy sweater {similar with zipper detail}:  paid $19.80, Style & Co Macy’s (original price $49.50, on sale for $24.75, used 20% off coupon)

And I’ve already worn both these items:

Librarian for Life + Style

left  /  right

Fashion-swapping with a friend

My friend and fellow librarian Stephanie — y’all know Stephanie, right? ;) — let me know she went through a major rehaul of her closet and was going to donate quite a few items. She then invited me over to look through her donation piles to see if I liked anything. YES and YES.

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Closet adventures (February 2015)

  • Black-and-white diamond-print top {similar}:  FREE
  • Red Hawaiian-print tunic {similar — and by an Hawaiian designer!}:  FREE
  • Grey and black v-neck, long-sleeved t-shirts {similar}: FREE
  • Burgundy long-sleeved t-shirt (not pictured) {similar}:  FREE
  • Navy-and-white striped t-shirt {similar}:  FREE

Librarian for Life + Style  |  Closet adventures (February 2015)

Total savings? If you average the larger items at about $50 apiece, and the tees at $20 apiece, that’s at least a savings of at least $380!

I came away with a lot of nice items, as you can see, including quite a few basics, like solid-colored tees and sweaters. The kind of items I almost never remember to get for myself but which are so useful to have in one’s closet. I have been LIVING in these tees at home, and you’ve already seen me wear the cozy black turtleneck sweater:

Librarian for Life + Style | Winterizing a bandage dress

Budget recap:



Next month, I’ve got some gift cards coming in from doing surveys, and I just found out I won a $100 giveaway for Lulu*s! I also seriously need to go through my closet again and identify items I might need to replace, particularly shoes. I’ll keep y’all posted!

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